One Way to Incorporate Reading With Infants

Language Development starts at Birth for Infants

Reading to infants and toddlers is another phase of language development.  The bright and vivid colors of these soft books will make a great addition to any classroom or home.  They can be washed over and over using a baby detergents such as Dreft and Baby All.  Incorporate these books into your infant and toddler curricula to assist children in building language development. The stories are fun and entertaining and can be made interactive.  The ideas are so limitless with these books.

Here a few ways to use the soft books in your Infant/Toddler programs:

  • Floor Tummy time with infants
  • Circle time with toddlers
  • Magic carpet time with 2-year-old

Here are a few ways to use the soft books at home:

  • Mommy/Daddy lap time reading time with infant
  • Floor time with infant/toddler
  • Bedtime story with infant/toddler
  • Introduce alphabets, colors, numbers to infant/toddler

I often make these for child development centers, family child care homes, and individuals.  These soft books make great gifts for birthdays, preschool graduation and baby shower gifts.

Many, many designs and stories to choose.

Share your language development stories with your infant and toddler in the comments.

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  1. One of my favourite gifts to give friends/family having new babies is books. I think reading to kids is so critical. I loved reading to my kids when they were babies. They would curl up on my lap for a cuddle and a story and we all loved it. They are a little bit older now, but still love when I read to them.

    • Wonderful, reading was always a fun time for me and my children. Reading was my one on one time with each child and sometimes together as a family. Thank you, Raine for stopping by my blog and please share.

  2. My son and I read all the time and we have since he was little. Soon it will be time to start with my daughter, so I guess it’s time for me to stock on more books, before I go crazy reading the same ones over and over!

  3. Reading to infant is so important, me and my husband still read to our child and he is way past that stage. I love how you can just clean these books up if you spill something. Very nice.

    • Wonderful Kimberly, I love these books as gifts and for child care center infant/toddler classrooms because they can be washed over and over again. Keep Reading to those babies no matter their age. Love it!

  4. Check into libraries as well. We have a lapsit storytime program at the library I work at for kids as young as six months old. It is a well attended program and it’s pretty popular.

    • Thanks, Clarice. Tummy time is great because you can also engage the infant as well to do things like roll over and hold head up. You know you’re incorporating a little physical development in there too with language development.

  5. This is really great! My niece loves books! She’s two but here vocabulary is amazing because we always read books to/for her.

  6. At home we are book lovers.I started reading for my kid when he was just few weeks old.Cloth books are really helpful at that stage.Although infant cant read the books,they will play with the books.This is a great way to create the love for books…

  7. I love books! Started reading to my oldest as soon as he was born. He’s now 16 and very intelligent. He started reading fluently at age 4.5. I think it was because he had so much exposure to reading at such an early age. SO important!

  8. I love books and reading, I like to hold them in my hands and smell. And that’s beneficial to vision. That’s very important to instill this habit in kids nowadays when gadgets subtitute paper books.Thanks for sharing!

  9. I got my twins’ attentions when I bought colorful pop up books and started reading stories to them. It’s nice to get them interested as early as possible.

  10. Soft books, I’ve never encountered those before. I think it’s really nice that there are books like this for the kids to enjoy. It’s definitely going to make them more interested in reading.

  11. Childrens books are the best gifts.for kids, plus audiobooks and movie forms. Kids nowadays are fast learners and they could catch the story or even the songs easily.

  12. Love it!!! We started reading to my daughter when she was a newborn. She’s now 5 and loves to read. I like to think it’s because we started her young lol

  13. I would record myself reading a few books and play it when it was time to start putting him down. Worked like white noise. Put him right out. Flip side is I can’t get him to sleep now without reading a story first. Lol.

  14. This post shares such great ideas! I love the concept of floor tummy time with picture books. Keep on being fabulous!

  15. Great Tip!! I miss those moments of reading to my babies as infants. It was always such a special time. I definitely saw the results as they grew – they all love to read now and I’m so grateful for it.

  16. These are great tips. I love soft books for infants. It makes sense that you would have those types of books for infants because of their age group. I loved reading to my son when he was that age.

  17. YES, YES, and Yes!!! As a teacher and a mom of 2, reading to your infants is so important. Both of my boys were read to from day one and they boy love books. My first grader is an awesome reader and my 16 month old always has a book in his hand. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

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