Changing the Mindset In the Early Childhood Education Industry

The Early Childhood Education industry has long been looked upon as babysitters.  However, it is anything but that, preschool teachers in the Early Childhood field have a profound impact on the lives of children from zero to age 8.

The following publication regarding this concern shares many ways to accomplish the above task by ensuring that the general competencies and knowledge are a necessity for all early childhood care and education employees.  By improving consistency and continuity for children from birth through 8 years.

  • Practices to help children learn
  • Assessment of Children
  • Fostering a professional workforce
  • Assessment of educators
  • Developing and fostering partnerships
  • Organizational development and management

Please view the following link regarding transforming the childcare workforce industry and how it can and will impact the lives of your family moving forward:

Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth to Age 8: A Unifying Foundation(2015)

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  1. It is understood that the most formative years of any person is from birth to the age of five. Early childhood education forms such an important foundation for every child’s learning and development. It is so crucial and something we as a society need to openly acknowledge and support the industry that helps our children.

  2. This! This is really important. The early days when a child’s brain is developing are one of the most important days of their life. Love this post!

  3. As a former first grade teacher, I agree with all of this! I wish everyone realized how important early childhood education really is.

  4. As an elementary school teacher by profession, I understand the importance of the foundational skills that are built in early childhood education. I think that from pre-k to 2, children learn the most crucial skills that will ultimately determine their success later in life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I think it’s a great idea when parents put their kids in preschool it’s so helpful. I went and I learned as well as gained social skills early. It helps the child adapt quickly and easier to new individuals at a young age.

  6. I love this analogy. Early childhood education helps with so many different aspect of a child’s life. Affordable/free preschool should be offered more!

  7. So true, it’s such a crucial time in children’s development. It’s good that there are people like you who are so passionate about children’s well being.

  8. I love this candle quote with regards to teachers. They (the good ones anyway) are those who give of themselves to help bring out the light in the students they teach.

  9. My kids received a good balance of early childhood education with a focus on exploration and physical activity. I think so many young kids are forced to sit still and do paperwork and paperwork. I think early childhood education is important but has to be done right with a balance of physical activity and exploration.

  10. I think living it up to teachers to teach the fundamental concepts that your child needs is almost like betting or wanted to get lucky. As a parent who most likely taught his or her child everything before preschool, the parent has exhibiting qualities that make it easier to teach fundamental concepts. Schools are important because they help reinforce lessons already learned.

  11. I went to an amazing kindergarten, and it really dis change the course of my life. People don’t consider what an impact those first few years make.

  12. I love that you are sharing this. I think most people would naturally support ECE but unless you have young kids or in the field, people aren’t thinking about it and the benefits of HQ for kids but also the communities they live in.

    • Thank you Michelle. Early Childhood education has and is very important for all children. We must make sure everyone has access to quality education starting as early as possible. Staff training is equally as important in this field.

  13. It’s so important for quality education to be available for children. We have a nonprofit in my town that provides daycare and preschool to less fortunate families and it’s amazing the impact it has on the families.
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

    • Thank you, Sarah. I agree that quality education should be available to all children. I love that your town has an organization that ensures that less fortunate families have that opportunity.

  14. Truly , initial years are like blank canvas … They can be painted in either way .. Later in life it is difficult to get over those habits and start from stretch ,

  15. I don’t have children, but it’s so important for teach kids anything in an early stage. Sometimes adults don’t really get that kids understand things at a very young age which can impact them in their later life.

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