3 Preschool Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

If you’re shopping for presents for Mom, mother in law, or another special mother in your life, you can find incredible Mother’s Day deal at many locations. However, the best Mother’s Day gifts made by your preschooler’s hands are the best!

Handprint Mothers Day gifts for Preschoolers
Handprint Flowers
Have 5-6 fingerpaint colors available for children
Allow children to choose construction paper color
Have each child to use 4 colors of finger paint for their flowers
Paint each hand with a different finger paint color and
Have child place them horizontally onto construction paper with thumbs on the outside
Wash hands and dry them and repeat the process with 2 different paint colors
Have child place handprint vertical onto the construction paper with thumbs facing right
The teacher can paint the stems. And have child place the bows onto flower stems(optional)
Allow the child to sign the bouquet of flowers for their moms.

Fingerprint Dandelion Flower Card

Caption: I think you’re dandy and I’m not lion!

Take a color sheet of construction  paper

Brown finger paint and draw a small circle.

Have child dip a finger in green finger paint and draw a 2 straight lines side by side.  This will be the green stems for 2 dandelion flowers.

Now have child dip finger in white finger paint(or any color) and dip paint onto construction paper until a fluffy dandelion flower is done. This should look as close to a circle as possible.


Fingerprint Mat frame

Take a photo Mat for 5 x 7 or 8x 10 frame

Have 1-3 colors of finger paint available

Have the child use a different finger for each color and

Then just press them onto the mat frame until it is completely covered

Allow mat to dry

Use the following poem or you own special poem:

My dirty little fingerprint I’ve left on many walls

And on the drawers and tabletops, I ‘ve really marked them all

But here are some that won’t rub off, I’m giving them to you

Because I’m thankful to have a mom just like you!

These are few quick and easy personal gift ideas preschoolers can take pride in creating for their mom, grandma, or nana and bring them smiles for many years.

I always loved these types of gifts from my little ones. Share below some of your favorite handmade crafts from your children.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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  1. These are super cute. I loved it when my little people brought home gifts like these. I have several saved.

  2. i feel young every time i read through, great ideas and i will try them with my little cute niece

  3. I’m going to let my niece do this for her mother. She is pregnant and would love this. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I loved getting these types of girts when my on was younger. I still have a keepsake album full of them.

  5. Ohhh I love the dandy lion one, that’s so blinkin cute, I’ll have to make those with the kids for grandma. We’re all about the handmade gifts here!

  6. Awe this reminds me of all of the art projects I’ve gotten from my son over the many years. I don’t think I’ve gotten the finger print fram but I’ve definitely gotten the other ones LOL

  7. So cute! I work in a daycare and we’ve been doing Mother’s Day crafts all week, we did one similar to the hand print and it was adorable. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas!

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